Window Inspection

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window repair & window replacement

Not all windows and doors are built the same.  Some windows are meant to be installed in the garage for example your typical hardware window.

We also understand that a premium window comes with a spacer system that keeps the Argon or Krypton gases inside the double-pane or triple-pane window.  Most windows on the market including the hardware windows have a Low-E film to prevent ultraviolet rays from coming into your home.  Families with pets can benefit from this feature.

We also understand the support framing and the difference between conductive metal vs. non-metal conductive parts and what it means when we talk about transferability.  Most plastics in the industry are 100% pure virgin vinyl; pretty much the same materials that PVC pipe is made from.  uPVC material is better for plastics that are in direct sunlight.

Understanding the benefits of triple-pane vs double-pane windows and why the two have their benefits and disadvantages.


Every customer and their projects are different.  We take great pride in ensuring that all the required information about the project is met.

What we do during our appointment is talk with the customer about the project and about the many options that are available on the market.  We take pictures and measurements then we start writing our report.

1)  In the report, you’ll have everything that you need to be successful.

2)  Customer complete name and address.

3)  Description of the project (Picture & Measurement).

4)  If the customer is willing to finance or pay in cash.

Yes, we do the demo in-home.

The demo is as basic as it can be done.  An example of what we say during our demo is in the video section.

Simply put, we will do the pre-close in the home while your sales force can close the deal.

You as a company sell the deal, and ProDashPRO gets paid.

The rest is up to your sales force to close the sale.

The pre-close and the contingent were signed by the customer that ProDash will find a reputable company to do the job.

1)  90% of the pre-closed sales end with a sale.

2)  Most of the work was already done via an explanation of the variety of window systems.

3)  Complete the project in detail was written so that you as a company can decide if you want the job or not.

NOTE: We will not include how many nails or how much to order or a list breakdown.  We are a lead-generating company, not your field manager.