Real Estate Agents

Intagible Services

Real Estate agents work without the restrictions of who can do a home inspection. Furthermore, the agent must find a home inspector that can write a report that is easy to read and offer suggestions for the “DIY” prospect.

Getting Paid

Agents should get paid for providing leads. You work hard for your clients.  You spend countless hours talking on the phone, money for fuel, and time away from family.

Keep Who You Trust

Every Real Estate Agent has their favorites and having their favorite home inspector is no different.  Working with a professional home inspector that does a really good job during the inspection with an easy-to-understand written report helps.

However, agents sacrifice a lot of time and their own money to provide a great service for their clients.

Giving their home inspectors the opportunity to meet their agents halfway by purchasing the home to be inspected isn’t breaking any deals.  Agents are running a business too and giving away work opportunities is not running a business proficiently. 

ProDash.PRO has put together a great template to get started in recouping your future inspections and start making money where it’s often given away.

This opportunity will also open doors for other home inspectors to show their work portfolio to agents using the Leads platform which the agents wouldn’t have known until now.

It’s no secret that getting paid what you’re worth helps anyone love their jobs more. While it isn’t the only factor that makes you appreciate your work, being appropriately compensated for your skills often equates to job satisfaction.

Many real estate agents feel like they may lose the opportunity, while some think it’s embarrassing to ask their clients about getting a quote from a reputable company for a new roof estimate, foundation repairs, or gutters replacements.  Fortunately, you don’t have to feel this way. Here are some tips that can help you get the confidence you need to get paid for what you’re worth.

1. Create an account on Leads ProDashPRO

2. Take pictures of the known area

3. Determine the project scope.

NOTE: Determine the size isn’t all that important but does help.  For example, if you are looking for a contractor for a roof estimate; getting the square footage helps to determine if the Lead is worth purchasing from you.  To learn a simple way to get the square footage of a home watch this video.

4. Time to sell your lead and get paid