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Should You Restore or Replace Old Siding?

This all depends on the condition and age of the Siding.  Also, another consideration is whether the Sidings are wood or vinyl?

Not all old siding can be restored. If the wood around the siding has begun to rot, for example, the damage is already done. In this case, replacing the old siding with a modern vinyl that looks historic may be the best bet.

To help you on your quest for the possibility of new Siding you can simply call us and schedule an appointment with one of our field managers at 833-811-7767

Newer Siding Will help Lower your bills.

All Siding has Energy-efficient Siding equates to lower bills. However, things to be careful about are not all siding materials are made the same.  Some that you see at the hardware store are usually lesser grade materials and you still have to pay for a professional to install the window. 

On the flip side when purchasing your new siding some utility companies also offer rebates to go with those energy-efficient Siding.  Right now the Biden administration is trying to pass legislation on an energy tax credit that can help reduce the cost of the window.  Less heat is lost during the winter and the air conditioner gets a break during the summer.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

What you do for your home environment extends to the rest of the environment.  This is something that most public schools are teaching students are the awareness of plastics and recycling to help reduce emissions.  Using less energy means using less valuable resources. Old Siding was often manufactured with toxic materials. Many were coated with lead-based paint. Install brand new, vinyl replacement window and eliminate exposure to harmful substances.



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