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Nothing says wow like a beautiful roof. 

However, there is some very serious consideration on those roofing companies that are storm chasers.  Every year there are roughly 1.5 billion dollars in fraudulent activity that seek homeowners.

This is where ProDash.PRO comes helps in finding reputable contractors that live and work locally vs. someone from another state that repairs or reroofs your home and you never see them again.

If you had your roof repaired or replaced and are wanting a state-certified home inspector a great resource is Over See It.  You simply type in your zip code and a list of qualified home inspectors would come to your home and get on your roof and investigate the repairs/roof.  The cost for this service is usually under a hundred dollars plus the cost of mileage.


Looking to get new shingles or metal roofs installed on your home?  We have fully qualified contractors that have the best of the best products and services on the market that offers the industry’s best warranty along with support and customer service.


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