Home Inspection

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Are you selling your home?  Are you a for sale by owner? Are you wanting only parts of your home to be reinspected due to a contractor?

Home Inspection

Getting your home inspected before you sell is one of the most important things that you could do.  It’ helps prevent possible safety issues that were overlooked during the walk-threw.

A home inspection checks for things that a normal open house a prospect wouldn’t do; for example get into crawl spaces and attics but nonetheless climb on the roof and check the shingles for wear and tear.  A home inspector will have additional tools that most people would have never purchased.

Being aware of the known condition of a home during the time of the inspection could save you a headache in the future.

It would be my recommendation for everyone to get a home inspection regardless if the new owners think they need one or not.

For Sale By Owner

However, the for sale by owner usually has something against real estate agents.  Now granted some agents are lazy and do not do their due diligence when selling a home, but there are thousands of qualified agents that will sell your a home and in this market, most people selling their homes are getting much more than what their original price is.  The second reason is that real estate agents do not work for free and they do take a percentage of the sale.

With homes being sold today in this market giving a real estate agent 4% to 6% isn’t that bad if you think about it.  The number of calls a typical home would get per agent can range from 5 to 10 calls on new listings.  The showings can be at all hours of the day and when the questions are asked the agent does all the work in getting the information before the home is on sale to help their prospects find the right home.

If a successful homeowner isn’t getting hits or leads at least four times a week or more then something is terribly wrong.

As when it comes to a home inspection about 80% of sales by owners do not get a pre-home inspection before they sell their home.  The problem with this is that the home must be sold as-is during the time of the sale because during the transfer if the new homeowner didn’t get buyers’ insurance they could be looking at some serious conditions to the home’s foundation, plumbing, electrical, structure and more.

It’s just the best thing that a homeowner could do for a few hundred dollars is to get the home inspected.

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