Full Measured

Full Measure. What Does It Mean.

Keeping your contractor honest

What does it mean to measure your full home?  Well simply put, getting your entire home measured means a few things.

Knowing the square of your roof can help you as the homeowner.  How? Welling knowing the square means that if gives you options when shopping for the company to fit your budget.

If you know that your home is 30 square and the cost for a square is $1200 from Company A and Company B is $675 and it’s pretty much the same three-dimensional architectural shingle and Company B fits your budget then we did our job providing you the total square amount.


measurement drawing

Keeping the contractor honest is not implied that all contractors are liars.  We are implying that knowing the square of your home helps you as the homeowner with additional options.

There are several really good companies willing to work for you with superior customer service and warranty that they stand behind.  However, there are several that aren’t so good not honest.

If everyone says they have the best product and warranty then we really need someone to explain why home improvement contractors are #1 or #2 as the biggest complaint in the market.

Protect yourself and your finances by getting your home measured.

Hey! Lets Measure It Up

You do not have to be home during the measuring.

Schedule a time for one of our field agents to come to your home. You as the homeowner do not need to be home during the measuring. When the full home measurement is complete you will receive an email with a downloadable .pdf link.

It’s That Simple! 🙂