Door Inspections

Inspection & Report Writeup

Every customer and their projects are different.  We take great pride in ensuring that all the required information about the project is met.

What we do during our appointment is talk with the customer about the project and about the many options that are available on the market.  We take pictures and measurements then we start writing our report.

1)  In the report, you’ll have everything that you need to be successful.

2)  Customer complete name and address.

3)  Description of the project (Picture & Measurement).

4)  If the customer is willing to finance or pay in cash.


Yes, we do the demo in-home.

The demo is as basic as it can be done.  An example of what we say during our demo is in the video section.

Simply put, we will do the pre-close in the home while your sales force can close the deal.

You as a company sell the deal, ProDash gets paid.


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