D2D Canvassing

Replacing sliding Patio Doors

Door two Door canvassing is a service that we provide for all companies that qualify for ProDash services.

This is how it works.  You first review our company policy for what we look for in being a great company.  Then, if you qualify or think you qualify you simply apply to our services.  Our services are absolutely free.

In the meantime, we have canvassers that drum up the business for you.  They do their thing out in the field, talking to customers and documenting the project.  Then they post their leads on our website.

Your company can now purchase the leads with a greater amount of intel than any other website.  Our intel comes with pictures, a full report, and the estimated cost for the project.  So you’ll know if this is a job that you want.

It’s that simple.  Applying today and get new leads tomorrow.


Special Entitlements

1)  It doesn’t cost qualified companies anything for our dedicated outside sales representatives to find the leads.

2)  Work with the leads that you want to work with based on the project description.

3)  Currently 90% close rate.

4)  Setup with your canvassing agent (No sale = No Cost) meaning that if your company doesn’t make the sale with the customer we don’t charge your company much like an escrow.

5)  Have additional questions about a particular lead; no problem.  Reach out to the agent that listed the project.

Hey! We Maybe A Brand New Company

but this isn't our first rodeo...

Apply today and get your company registered so we can get you the leads that you want.  It’s currently right now a 90% close rate.