Being A Real Estate Agent Is Not Easy Work

Being a real estate agent is not easy work. They don’t sit around and look online for homes for their clients. Instead, they are constantly prospecting for new clients; taking endless calls from Zillow, among other lead-generating systems, sounds easy.

You’ll be surprised.

Real estate agents, to most people, are often misunderstood. The average agent works with multiple clients, all with their unique set of criteria.

Meanwhile, real estate agents put in countless hours, working very hard for the leads they get. The multiple showings require driving which nowadays fuel is getting expensive, maintenance for the vehicle, hours spent with a client, and time set away from their families.

at the end of the day it's business

Hey! Your Time Is Worth Money

Because Agent Work Hard For Their Clients

Never in the history of Real Estate has there been an online platform dedicated to Real Estate Agents.  A category just for them.

Real estate agents are losing potential opportunities to recoup their lost investments due to the old ways of doing business. 

Now you can sell your leads to Professionals that in the past waited for their next opportunity. 

Historic lost opportunities 

Home Inspections

Quotes for roofs, siding, windows, plumbing, electrical, foundation, landscape, and the list goes on. 

All successful real estate agencies pay a premium for their leads. It is not cheap, and like most agencies, they use more than one source. Everything an agent does cost them money, from creating a new listing to hiring a photographer, marketing and so much more.

In the old days, real estate agents would offer their clients the option of a home inspection. If the client accepts a review from a home inspector, the real estate agent would call to schedule with a home inspector the date and time. The home inspector didn’t have to pay for the lead or spend hours finding the perfect home.

We have a solution. Leads from ProDash are a revolutionary idea, allowing professional contractors and state-certified professionals to purchase leads from you directly. It’s simple. You create an account. Market yourself as a seller. And you start building the details of the home to be inspected.

Home inspectors can register as buyers and purchase these leads from you directly. Providing this opportunity for the home inspectors leaves the real estate agents with more options. For instance, perhaps your client is also looking for a quote for a new roof. Contractors can purchase that lead from you, adding another source of income.

Your favorite home inspector will work with you and open up newer possibilities.

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