We Do What we Know

Welcome, I am happy to introduce ProDash your leading company in local lead generation that is fair and honest with contractors and the consumer.

For The Home Owner:  We all know the stress and the time it takes to research really good contractors.  To be honest with you; there are hundreds of thousands of really good contractors out there.  However, there are if not more not so good ones too.

This is why we put together a check sheet of really good contractors that we trust and have completed our company background screening.

  1. Better than average reviews
  2. Better than average customer service
  3. Better than average products
  4. Proven portfolio from real customers
  5. Fully trained and certified installers
  6. Employees background checked
  7. Employees drug tested
  8. Employers are fully insured & bonded
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Our Values

ProDash.PRO simply put is a company that finds the best solution for your home and commercial properties when it comes to qualified construction and contractor companies.

There is a window and roofing company at every street corner in Wisconsin.  They all claim to be the best and that they all have the best warranty.

However, the biggest complaint that consumers have are home remodeling companies.  But wait, 95% say they are the best…  See my point.

ProDash.PRO weeds out the so-called professionals.  As you can see on our website there is no place where a professional can join our network.  Instead, we investigate the company and if they meet our criteria of being a true professional then those companies will be the ones that we promote at no extra cost and those would be the companies that we set up appointments for to close the deal.

We have a large number of outside sales agents setting the appointments and we are always looking for professional companies to join our network.


Companies that are interested in joining our network of very hot leads ready to be sold then you have come to the right place.

Our outside Field Agents are well trained in adverse fields from roofs to masonry to windows and so much more. 

Customers call us to set an appointment.  We make a written detailed report for the customer and the company that we would send this lead.  However, not all professionals are in need of the same product and services.  For example, why would send a premium window company for a three-window install for a garage?  The cost factor at this point wouldn’t make sense and you’ll most likely leave the customer with a bad taste about your company.

So for us going there first, we actually help preserve the time and travel expense of your sales agent by filtering the lead.  So if and when you get a lead from us, it’s most likely a sold deal.  

ProDash.Pro loves to see companies grow and the best way to make this happen is to go organic.

The apple from an apple tree is best directly from the tree than what you could get from a grocery store.

We hand-pick companies that we feel have the highest integrity and that they stand behind their work.  Not just sometimes, but all the time.

We want your sales employees to be at their best. 

ProDash.Pro will educate the customer on the various products at their basic core.  It would be impossible for us as a company to know everything about your product.  We’ll leave that for your experts.  However, we are experts in the industry so we do know our way around the many flavors of windows, doors, roofing, and siding, including but not limited to structural supports, building supplies, and blueprints.