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that have a better then average customer service record, reviews, and a premium product. If your looking for additional leads with project documentation like no other lead generating company and leads that are sold before you get to the home then we are your company


Roof Contractors

Does your company install proper ventilation? If so, we are looking for expert roofing contractors to join our team of veteran contractors.


Real Estate Agents

Agents are encouraged to post their home inspections for their favorite home inspectors on the leads portal.

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ProDashPRO is on the hunt for great companies wanting to do great work for homeowners. Regardless if you are a plumber, independent home inspector, carpenter, landscaper, general contractor, or electrician go ahead and join ProDashPRO.  

You truly have nothing to lose but more business to gain.

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This is what will happen.  After you schedule the best time for us to call, we’ll set up a time to meet with you and your company.  Together we will discover the best way to add you to our list of best contractors.

We are in the business of providing the absolute best for consumers in your industry.

What We Look For In A Great Company

It's More Than Just Quality


Is your company arriving in reputable vehicles?

Customer Service

Are your customers able to speak with someone when they call?

Premium Products

Having the right product at a great price?

Skilled Installers

Who overlooks each job to ensure the install is done correctly?

Full Insured & Bonded

Is your company and all employees backed by insurance?

Over See It

Are your employees background checked and drug screened?

We are not salespeople selling companies to the customer.  We simply offer our opinions based on their home improvement project and offer suggestions.

1)  We identify what the home improvement project is.

2)  We measure everything.

3)  We take several pictures of the current condition.

4)  We build the report.

5)  We post the lead.

The outside Field Agent can do one of two things.

1) Post the project for a fee.

Customer information will not show until the lead is sold.

2)  Post the project in escrow.

The agent will not get paid until you close the sale.  These types of leads are typically high-ticket home improvement projects.


We believe in building a positive impact in the community by doing things differently in how we do business. So, unlike other websites where anyone can register as a ``PRO`` to get leads, we’ve decided to take a different approach. We wanted a better way for homeowners to get the representation they deserve when hiring a reputable company.

Not all contractors are professional.  There are a few things that we do not like when dealing with negative reports. 

  1. Any contractor can do a horrible job; received negative reviews and start another company under a different name; same people doing the work.  In addition, they start another account with the triple B’s, and they’re right back at A+ status.
  2. Companys that hire out 1099 contractors that arrive at the customer’s home in a plumbing van while installing windows.
  3. Independent contractors that are not insured and bonded.
  4. Contractors that use profane language on the job site.
  5. Companies that are unwilling to have a non-bias inspector review their installations.

ProDashPRO is not a company that tells other companies what they can and cannot do.  If your company does, in fact, have 1099 independent contractors but you have a field manager that oversees their work and only the field manager goes over the work with the customer before the sign-off you can apply for our lead generating services. 

We are looking for companies that put the customer first.  Simply put, fully trained sales employees that do not over-promise the customer.  Every promise is put into writing, and the product warranty is fully explained and also written/highlighted/circled in the contract.

We also require that if and when your company gets sold or you decide to discontinue doing business that your prior customers have a way to contact the manufacturer for support via the warranty that was promised.  So in other words, is there a step-by-step guide for the customer to follow if they need to contact the manufacturer?

If you promise the customer a great warranty and support this should already be in place and given to the consumer.

Leads are generated by our dedicated door-to-door outside field agents.  They work in all weather conditions and they work a neighborhood pretty hard using the 50/50/50 knocking concept.  This ensures that we talk to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifters offering them the best of what the customer needs are at the time.

Projects are fully documented with pictures along if the customer is going to finance the project with their bank or with the contractor.  ProDash.PRO also offers to finance for companies that do not offer to finance.

Questions are asked during the project interview and the customer is prepped for the industry’s cost on average.

Honest and most accurate information protecting home & commercial owners

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